A Little Tool Called Resilience

A Little Tool Called Resilience

When a challenge comes your way, are you able to bounce back from it? Sometimes when the unexpected happens, it can feel like you’re stuck walking on the spot. 

Having the resilience to maintain a positive mindset is possible – it just takes a little practice!  Resilience is the key coming out on the other side ten times stronger.

Find A Goal

You can minimize feelings of being overwhelmed by taking a step back and looking for what’s meaningful to you.

Looking at the bigger picture doesn’t seem too scary when it comes to resilience. 

So finding a goal that speaks to you and striving for it can help you build a healthy foundation.

Set a goal that focuses on self-care or your hobbies. Goals are great for showing you that continuous efforts make positive change. 

Believe In Yourself

Be kind to your inner-self and have confidence. By practicing reworking your thoughts you can replace “I can’t do this” with “I am capable of doing great things.” 

Your self-esteem can impact how you bounce back so having hope in your abilities is a step in the right direction.

Keep Up The Optimism

Being optimistic isn’t about glossing over your problems. It’s about knowing that there will be setbacks in life, but still being sure that you can overcome them. A positive outlook comes from imagining positive outcomes and choosing to see that good in each scenario.

Whether it may be a lesson to be learned or a guide on how to embrace failures. 

Continue To Problem-Solve

The more you work around a problem and practice coping with tough times, the more equipped you are to find solutions. By facing the changes as they come, you can gain knowledge and experience for the future. 

Taking action and working towards progress in a stressful situation is all that you can ask for. 

“Resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected. The goal of resilience isn’t to just survive but thrive.” – Jamais Cascio 

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