Becoming a Better Listener

Becoming a Better Listener

Being a great listener takes more than just nodding and smiling. 

Taking the time to go in-depth and explore your friends’ feelings can strengthen the bonds of your relationship. 

Be present. Be interested. Be in the moment.

Listen & Repeat

When your friend comes to you with something on their mind, let them take the reins. If they feel comfortable venting about a hard day, give them the floor to let it all out. 

Then you can take what you’ve heard, summarize it, and then break it down for them. Reframing what they have told you lets them know that you are absorbing their thoughts and taking their feelings into account. 

Focus On Them

When a friend is venting, it’s so easy to interrupt them mid-sentence without even realizing it. 

Going off track might steer away from the feelings they are hoping to get off their chest.

Brainstorm Together

You may want to give your friend advice right away – but that isn’t always ideal, especially when you don’t have all the facts. 

Instead of telling them what you think would be the best course of action, you can brainstorm ideas together. 

Ask Them Questions

You can take the conversation a step further by asking them genuine questions. 

Sometimes the right questions can help us look at situations from a different angle. Plus, it gives you a chance to flex your empathy muscles. 

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