Is the Cost of Therapy Worth the Investment?

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Is the Cost of Therapy Worth the Investment?

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With the cost of therapy ranging anywhere from $130-$250 per appointment, many people wonder if the amount is worthwhile. Although the per-session price appears high, the return on investment with quality therapy is much higher, and often times the payoff is rapid.

Investing in Quality Therapy

If you’re looking to make significant and long-lasting improvements it takes anywhere from 8-15 appointments on average with a therapist that uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). (Here’s how to tell if your therapist uses CBT). This is often all it takes to help with problems such as difficulty coping with stress, excessive anxiety and worry, debilitating panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or even insomnia. People often struggle for years without realizing that relief is available much more quickly than they anticipated. When you think about the relatively small amount of time and money 8-15 weeks of therapy takes compared to a lifetime of worry or emotional pain that limits your life, the payoff is well worth the cost.

Why It Makes Sense to Invest in Your Mental Health

Your personal mental health is not a place to skimp. Trying to save money by finding less costly therapy or only looking for a therapist who takes insurance often costs you more in the long run: you will have paid for services and lost time without gaining ground and prolonged your distress in the process. Working with a less experienced or skilled therapist also leads to the hidden danger of believing that your struggle is unfix-able, causing additional hopelessness to set in. This can lead to not seeking out the correct help that ultimately makes all the difference. Maybe it’s best to focus on experience and quality over the cost.

The Immeasurable Value of Your Improved Quality of Life

Monetary reasons aside, the overall impact of quality therapy is immeasurable in terms of happiness and life satisfaction. You often gain a new perspective in therapy that makes everything you do feel easier, since your overall mood is improved. With an experienced therapist trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, you also have the ability to learn skills that you can use again and again to quell anxiety and enjoy a happier life. These results have far-reaching consequences in both your professional and personal life.

Investing in Your Future Happiness

Investing in your mental health has the benefit of short circuiting future issues as well. For example, the anxiety and stress management tools you learn in therapy can be used over and over again, ensuring not just a more satisfying and low-stress present, but also a great future.

Just as investing in a high-quality item will ultimately get you a longer period of use and more satisfaction, investing in a quality therapist who uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will ultimately get you the bigger return on your investment; increased and prolonged peace of mind! Although money and costs may become a factor in our decisions, when it comes to investing in your emotional health, the rewards and pay offs are clear.

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