Finding “You” Again After A Breakup

Finding “You” Again After A Breakup


The emotional aftermath of a breakup can make you feel like you’re lost at sea. But there is a lighthouse on the horizon.

Look For The Lesson 

Everything we experience in life comes with a lesson. 

And every single person we meet, date or become with friends has something to teach us. What life lessons did your partner teach you? What can you take away from experience?

Expand Your Emotional Circle

Even though you may be in pain, you are not alone!

Leaning on others and expanding your circle is a step in the right direction. FaceTiming family or having late-night venting sessions with friends can be very therapeutic. You don’t have to bottle up your emotions. 

Your friends and family are there for you and can offer advice or a listening ear.  

Find “You” Again

Going through a breakup is a big change, and change can be scary.

But it’s also an opportunity to take a look inward.

You can take your time to reflect on the person you are now instead of the person you used to be. 

You get to prioritize what you want! 

A part of healing is understanding yourself and attending to your own needs. Put “you” first!

“Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.” — Robert Holden