Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done

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The fire you have to get something done can be dependent on your connection to it. 

Think about it. If you have to write a 10-page essay about a topic you aren’t passionate about, it can be hard to get started, let alone finish. Wondering how you can complete tasks you don’t like? Try techniques to help reframe your mindset…

Remind Yourself of The Incentive 

Doing something you don’t particularly like may seem challenging but it doesn’t have to be if you shift your focus. 

Instead of thinking about why you don’t want to do something, think about why you need to do it. For example, your boss may want you to work on a project you don’t have much interest in.

Even though that project may not have been your first choice, all you can do is go in with an open mind. Who knows, that project may teach you more than you anticipated, and you may even end up having fun! 

Focus on Future The You

Even though present-you may be dreading the start of an unwanted project, try thinking about the future-you. 

If you procrastinate, it might seem like you have time for yourself now but taking a break could halt any progress for your future.

The “you” of tomorrow might have a stressful time picking up the pieces. Shift your thinking to how accomplished you will feel once you cross this task off your to-do list. Work now, celebrate later. 

Think “Opportunity,” Not “Disadvantage”

A positive attitude can go a long way. If you keep thinking “I don’t want to do this”, chances are it will be even harder to continue. Don’t sell yourself short right away. Give yourself an opportunity to be challenged.

Seeing an experience as a stepping stone into something new can be the motivator for any task!