How To Cope With Feelings Of Loneliness

How To Cope With Feelings Of Loneliness


Experiencing feelings of loneliness can happen when we feel isolated or have a lack of social connection in our daily lives. 

To cope with loneliness, we can be self-compassionate and work towards creating bonds with others.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

It’s important to understand where our feelings are coming from. When we are able to validate our feelings and recognize that we are lonely, we can find healthy outlets. 

Instead of avoiding these emotions, you can write them out in a journal or talk about them with someone you trust. 

Recognize You Are Not Alone

It’s normal for loneliness to come in waves. Feeling lonely is a part of being human and it is manageable. 

Find Connection

You can handle loneliness by slowly making connections with people you care about and taking steps to reconnect with peers. 

Nurturing your relationships fosters human connection.

Practice Gratitude

When we practice gratitude, we can focus on the positive experiences we have. 

You can counteract lonely feelings by noticing the small things that bring you joy.

Feel Relief & Freedom From Anxiety With Specialized Counseling

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is highly recognized across the psychological community for its proven effectiveness in treating anxiety. (CBT Works) CBT can substantially reduce your anxiety – clinical trials have clearly shown this. 

Another important advantage of cognitive therapy is that it tends to be shorter than many other therapy approaches. When used with our personable and down-to-earth approach, it can produce amazing rewards that change lives. 

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