Making New Friends As An Adult

Making New Friends As An Adult


Do you ever feel like making new friends isn’t as easy as it used to be? Do you ever feel like you have to put more of an effort in to hang out with friends and/or co-workers?

As an adult, your circle of friends might be a little smaller than it once was. 

Any stage in life brings with it the chance for new opportunities. 

Want to reconnect with old friends and create new connections? It’s all doable. 

Keep an Open Mind

When was the last time you tried something new? Sparking a new friendship with someone may take some branching out. 

You can look into joining a new club, or do some volunteer work. 

You’ll never know what’s out there if you don’t look. 

Say Yes More Often 

Instead of sticking to your usual routine, be open to invitations.

If someone from your gym or your workplace wants to get to know you better – let them!

So take the leap, you never know who you might end up having as a great friend. 

Make The Time

You don’t have to sacrifice having time for self-care but make some room during the week to build on the bonds you do have. 

Having time to nurture the friendships you create is what makes them strong. 

Is Stress Taking Your Enjoyment Out of Life?

When stress overtakes your life it can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have the right tools. If you find yourself in this situation then we can help. 

At Palo Alto Therapy, we specialize in helping you reduce stress, excel in life, and improve your peace of mind. We will teach you the most effective skills to turn your stress around and improve your day to day pleasure in life.