Positive Comments Regarding QPR for Suicide Prevention

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“Very good experience.”

“The presenters were thoughtful and seemed comfortable.”

“I believe this information is tremendously valuable for everyone. The school districts (parents, students, administration and teachers) all need to have this information.”
“I really thought this was helpful, especially the role-plays! The trainers were excellent, and I learned a lot.”
“I especially liked the fact that Ernie took the time to appropriately address the audiences questions and created a safe space for the staff to share their thoughts and experiences!.”

“I appreciated the clearness of the information provided.”

“I really appreciate this. It should be mandatory for all who work with teenagers.”
“I especially liked the demystifying of myths regarding suicide. Thank you!!”
“The tone at the beginning was set very well, recognizing that adults would have feelings. The warning signs and questions to ask were thoughtful.”
“Reminders about the seriousness of suicide are helpful and should be required”
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