Saying Goodbye To Negative Self-Talk

Saying Goodbye To Negative Self-Talk

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Have you ever accomplished a goal and instead of celebrating you felt like you could have accomplished it sooner or another way?

You have so much to be proud of and giving yourself that reminder is the key to a positive mindset!

Quieting down that negative voice in your head is an important step to accepting both milestones and setbacks. 

Name Your Critic

Whenever negative self-talk starts whispering in your ear, give it a name. 

As much as this critic is a part of you, it’s also helpful to name it. When these unnamed thoughts are swirling around in your mind, you can call them out and say “not today (insert name here).”

This lets you take back the power and realize that you own your thoughts – not the other way around. 

Prioritize “And”

The next time a negative thought makes its way into your mind, try reeling it back by using “and…” statements. 

Here’s an example. Let’s say you made a mistake at work and you can’t stop thinking to yourself “I messed up.”

Instead of ending the sentence there, add “and…” to further the conversation.

“I messed up, and now I have learned one more method that won’t work. Now I have a new tool on my belt for next time.”

It all boils down to how you reframe a situation. 

Talk About You

It’s okay to pat yourself on the back and share your growth with the people around you. Don’t be afraid to pull some of the attention on you!

Save a note on your phone or write down these accomplishments in a journal. 

Pull Out Power Statements

Inspiring quotes, sweet texts from friends, compliments from coworkers…

Write these all down and start collecting them in a positivity jar. Having powerful statements that have made an imprint are worth having around. 

These power statements are a nice reminder that you are capable of anything!

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