Social Media And Its Impact On Mental Health

Social Media And Its Impact On Mental Health


Nowadays, almost all of us have at least one social media account, which isn’t a bad thing. 

We no longer have to pay hefty long-distance phone bills or fly halfway around the world to connect with the people we love. The only thing is, too much of anything isn’t healthy. Being too active on social media comes with a price and can even bring on anxiety. 

Here’s why…

The Comparison Trap

It’s so easy to fall into the comparison trap while scrolling through social media. Not everything you see on social media is as it seems. 

Just because you see something on social media doesn’t mean you’re getting the whole story.

Photos can be deceiving and make events/things appear different than they really are. Everyone has their own journey and their own story. 

“Look in the mirror. That’s your competition.” – Unknown. 

10 Minutes Of Scrolling Can Turn Into Hours

Have you ever lost your phone charger? Almost all of us have at least once.

Now here’s something for you to think about. 

Did you remain calm and assure yourself that it would show up eventually?

Or did you immediately stop everything you were doing and look under every sofa cushion in the house?

If you relate more to the second prompt, you are not in that boat alone.

So many of us are used to having our phones in our pocket or at least nearby all hours of the day. 

Putting your phone on airplane mode for a few hours a day can make a huge difference. 

It’s all about baby steps. 

Having No Time for Yourself

When was the last time you curled up on the sofa and enjoyed some tech-free alone time? 

As important as it is to spend time with others, it’s equally important to have some alone time. With social media, it can feel like there is always something going on. 

You are either watching a video, processing a photo, or seeing how many new followers you gained that week. 

Here’s some homework. Don’t worry – this homework is fun. One night this week, find a quiet spot in your home, sit down and close your eyes for 5 minutes.

During those 5 minutes, the only thing you have to do is focus on your breathing. If your mind wanders, let it. Just allow the thoughts to come naturally. 

Final Thoughts 

When your phone is buzzing, it can be tough to ignore those notifications. But you can do it! Social media is not an all-or-nothing thing. 

Even limiting your usual social media time by 10 minutes a day is an amazing start.