The Anxiety to Wellness Class May Be Right for You!

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  • If you have never received treatment for anxiety but you want to put your toe in the water
  • If you are currently getting therapy for anxiety or have in the past, but you have never tried cognitive behavioral or research-based methods
  • If you are getting good therapy, but you want to learn a bit more about anxiety and gain the experience of meeting with others who struggle with anxiety

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Our anxiety to wellness group offers the ins and outs of anxiety along with practice of the most useful techniques. Meetings are in a class format and are geared towards teaching you about anxiety, how it works, and what you can do to feel better – Practical and Useful Skills! Together we’ll cover the major components of anxiety: what it feels like, how it affects us, the ways we try (but often fail) to manage it, and how to use the “correct” methods.

“It’s an incredible experience. Just the different perspectives from the other group members are helpful. If you participate though, it makes the experience amazing.”

You will understand the various types of anxiety people struggle with and learn about the specific anxiety disorders. We can’t go into too much depth about your particular anxiety given the group format, but the more you share the more we can gear the interventions to help you.
You will also learn the best ways to manage anxiety and what the scientific research shows actually works when it comes to treating or overcoming anxiety. Reading will be assigned along with useful self-help worksheets so you can practice the new techniques at home. At the end of the class your knowledge about anxiety will be increased and you will know what techniques to practice to improve your own anxiety. This is what one group member said about the class, but we tend to get lots of positive comments like this

“It was informative, helpful, and motivating. It’s a good way to start the ball rolling on tackling anxiety.”

The class will give you a lot of information about anxiety, but to me, the most amazing aspect is the group sharing. There is something very powerful about everyone struggling with the same problem and openly talking about it. For whatever reason, anxiety often is strongly associated with shame, so this group component is a powerful antidote! The social support is really cool to experience and often leads to much of the growth that people experience in the class. As one participant said,

“I felt as though I finally fit in somewhere and that really helped me be willing to improve my anxiety.”

Still not sure? Here are more comments from past members:

“I was worried the other group members would not be helpful or would be judgmental and this was not the case at all.”
“I expected it to be much less helpful and interesting, but was interesting, intriguing and helpful.”
“Good experience, learned a lot, would definitely recommend”

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