The Power of Positivity

The Power of Positivity

Almost all of us have heard the phrase “stay positive” but have you ever sat down and taken the time to think about what it really means? 

Positivity has the power to not only shake off feelings of stress but it can also build up your own self-compassion.

Looking at life through a positive lens can help you feel more grateful for the people, events and things around you. Spread a little more light everywhere you go by following these steps.

Write a Letter to Yourself

Positivity starts with you, so shower yourself with some love! 

How often do you pat yourself on the back or take time to celebrate what you’ve done? Being kind to yourself means doing nice things yourself and writing a letter is a great place to start. 

Remember, this is a letter for your eyes only. You can write about anything you want. 

Practice A Positive Mindset 

Emotions are unpredictable. Even though some days may be cloudier than others, there are ways to practice positivity. 

Try some scenario-based thinking, by imagining the best-case situations.

If you’re worried about what could be, let your imagination take over. It can reduce the anxiety that’s bubbling over and redirect you to happier thoughts.

Grow Your Gratitude

Dig deep by looking for positivity in your daily life. Whether it’s someone that you’re happy to have as a friend or simply getting the time to relax with a coffee in the morning. 

There’s so much beauty to see if you just look. 

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