We’re Hiring!

We’re Hiring!


Yes – you read that right! We are so excited to let you know Palo Alto Therapy is hiring therapists. 

Here at Palo Alto Therapy, we provide professional development training and take care of all the marketing.

We want our therapists to focus on doing therapy – not paperwork!

A Bit About Us:

We help our clients overcome anxiety and depression using evidence-based therapy, focusing on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 

You can learn more about our openings here.

Before we get into the benefits of being an employee with Palo Alto Therapy, we wanted to spotlight a couple of our favorite testimonials…


“I was so sad to leave Palo Alto Therapy (PAT). One of the greatest things about working at PAT was invaluable learning opportunities. Ernie Schmidt was my mentor and opened up a whole new world of therapy techniques that I would not have learned without him and will never forget. He is so dedicated to PAT, clients, and staff and was always available to help me whenever I was stuck with a client and also to provide me with support. The clients at Palo Alto Therapy were also great to work with and I learned a great deal from them as well. I will forever be indebted to Ernie and PAT will always have a warm place in my heart.” -Sharon Fischer, LICSW

“Palo Alto Therapy is a wonderful place to work. The therapists are friendly and energetic and make my work day fun. It is a team environment and Ernie reinforces every employee’s strengths and makes me feel good about the work I do on a daily basis. My tasks include but are not limited to answering phones, scheduling appointments, greeting clients, verifying insurance coverage for out of network PPO plans, creating invoices for clients so they can submit their payments to insurance, corresponding with clients and colleagues via email and mail, collecting payments and verifying that charges for all clients have been received and are up to date on a bi-weekly basis and other office-related administrative duties.”

Alright – Now Let’s Get Into The Benefits…

  • Health insurance, including dental and vision.
  • Yearly training funds PLUS Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Certification, & Certification with OCD Foundation.
  • Excellent training programs, CEU’s, & support to become skilled in CBT and treating Anxiety & OCD.
  • Lots of flexibility with vacation time.
  • And much more!

We look forward to seeing your applications! Apply Today!