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Learn how CBT is so effective that it may replace medication. Find help for OCD, anxiety, panic attacks, teen anxiety & social anxiety.

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Enhancing Your Mental Health: Complimenting Medication Or Replacing It.

  • Learn how CBT is so effective that it may do more than compliment medication; it may even replace it.
  • Discover the difference between positive thinking and accurate thinking, and break free of the thoughts that lead to anxiety and depression.
  • Find help for OCD, anxiety, panic attacks, teen anxiety and social anxiety.
  • Learn how to get the most out of counseling sessions.

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  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: A Therapy That Works Learn what CBT  is and why it works more effectively than traditional psychotherapy.
  • 10 Things to Say to Yourself Are you saying things to yourself that you would never say to another person? Replace negative talk with these 10 positive messages.
  • How Well Do You Handle Worry? This quiz does more than help you evaluate your ability to handle worry. It gives you strategies for handling your anxiety.
  • How To Succeed with Failure When All Else Fails Address positive ways to turn failure into the birth of the successful life you have always wanted.
  • What’s That You Said? The Fears that Prevent Us from Speaking Up Learn to face your fears head on and loosen that paralyzed tongue of yours.

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